Secrets of Atlantis Slot Review

NetEnt’s Secret of Atlantis slot machine is another visually inspiring game with plenty of features, nice rewards and flexible bet limits.

Mermaid Nudge Wild Bonus Game

The lost city of Atlantis was once a thriving metropolis in the Mediterranean Sea and home to democratic citizens who lived peacefully for centuries before it became known as “the stupidest place on Earth.” The Greek gods were angry with how much people valued money over anything else. To punish them fully, they sent waves that ‘swallowed’ up all evidence of this ancient civilization– never again would anyone know what happened there or why such an anti-social society came into existence!

About Secret of Atlantis Slot Machine

The mermaid in the game is not just attractive decoration. She has a crucial role to play as she can become fully stacked if appearing on any other symbol or part way through when stacked with others!

Otherwise, if you land on the Jellyfish symbol in the Secret of Atlantis slot game, it will transform into an encircled bubble with gem-like symbols. The 10s through Aces card icons are also present but not as detailed or beautiful compared to their counterpart’s renderings!

Secret of Atlantis Online Slot Gameplay

The Secret of Atlantis slots have a 5 reel by 40 payline configuration, which can easily be adjusted to fit your bet limit. It also has an excellent 97% RTP and offers higher odds for players who like medium-high variance games with plenty on the line!

To increase your chances of landing these massive wins, you must ensure that you stretch the time for as long as possible. And by having a sound bankroll management plan in place will help with this endeavour!

In-game Features

A quick-play slot with three features, the Secret of Atlantis has plenty to keep you guessing. It includes:

  • The nudge wild game
  • Colossal symbols

Mermaid Nudge Wild Bonus Game

The more wilds on the screen at once, the better! The Mermaid Wild is a great symbol to land during any reels spin because it not only counts as one but nudges all other lesser matches into place, which creates space for big wins.

Colossal Symbols

The game offers what is referred to as ‘colossal symbols. These large icons can expand in size and take up several positions on the reel, usually filling an area 3×4 tiles wide at its centre. They’re designed specifically so that when they reward players with bigger wins, it’s not just one-time payouts but multiple consecutive payments!

In the Secret of Atlantis slot machine, there are special symbols that come out at random. These massive figurative tiles can be found in most online casinos and have been featured on popular games such as Spinata Grande by NetEnt, but this time around, they’ll charm you with their calculated appearance!

To trigger the colossal symbols feature in Secret of Atlantis Slots, you must land all three middle reels as highlighted. If that isn’t enough for your luck’s sake, then give it another go and try again!

Some people might think that playing slot machines are all about luck, but it’s very straightforward. If you land a colossus symbol on any active reel during the free game of Secret Of Atlantis, its position will change to fill up three spaces next time! It sounds complicated at first glance- who could ever keep track? Well, don’t worry because when we play this online slots machine for fun without risking anything valuable (other than perhaps some money), then I’m able to show how easy and simple everything becomes.


When it comes to NetEnt, there’s no such thing as too many features. And their love for intros knows no bounds! The company has an incredible number of 40 paylines and a ways pay system in the Secret Of Atlantis Slot game–a highlight of how unique they are than any other online casino on the market today with Colossal Symbols Re-Spin & Highlight feature that will keep you coming back again just because everything works together so well at unlocking rewards from lucky players who win big playing this free version right here before making your own decision whether or not want to get more involved by registering account.